Specializing in this way enables our team to bring a genuine level of understanding of the roles we are recruiting. This approach ensures our team truly understands our client’s needs, enabling us to deliver the right results, the first time.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics is right at the heart of Penta’s functional specializations.

We understand that supply chain pressures and priorities are unique to each industry sector that we focus on, and as such we bring an unrivalled level of understanding of both function and sector to ensure we secure the right talent, first time.

From strategic supply chain leadership through to planning, forecasting, inventory management and logistics operations, Penta will offer a solution that ensures you have as much security in the supply of key talent as you do your own operations.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Extensive knowledge of function, environment and industry sector is critical when hiring for manufacturing & engineering talent.

Penta understands the products our clients manufacture as well as the associated materials, processes and technologies used throughout, therefore enabling us to find you exactly the right talent, when you need it.

Whether you are looking for global or regional leadership through to site based professionals, Penta will build a customised solution to enable the acquisition of key talent across your manufacturing network.


At Penta, we understand procurement.

We understand that the way in which procurement operates and can vary significantly from one industry sector to another. Whether you are looking to hire key procurement leadership, a raw materials and commodities specialist or an indirect goods and services category leader, we proactively target and select the right professional for your team.

By applying a deep level of functional knowledge to a specific industry sector, we guarantee the right outcome for your team and bring the best talent the market has to offer.

Quality & Regulatory

Quality & Regulatory compliance is a non-negotiable topic for any manufacturer.

It is therefore an essential function for all our clients and as such, demand for the highest calibre and most qualified talent has never been higher. Penta understands the compliance landscape for each of our industry sectors and works closely with each client to ensure you have access to the best talent in the market.

Our dual understanding of both function and sector positions us perfectly to be able to meet clients needs in this area at both the leadership and execution level.

Operational Excellence

Companies are increasingly adopting operational excellence initiatives to drive improvements across their supply chains and broader manufacturing networks.

We are also seeing an increase in the number of companies going so far as to build specific teams whose sole responsibility it is to drive continuous improvement across the entire business, regardless of function.

At Penta, we have a first class understanding of operational excellence and all associated continuous improvement ideologies. When applied to our knowledge of key industry sectors, this positions us perfectly to identify, engage and secure only the most appropriate talent for your business.