Our mission is to be an integral business partner in our client’s overall talent management strategy. The following suite of services provides clients with access to thought leadership and cutting edge information to help shape your organizations’ talent attraction, retention and succession planning. Engage with our team to discuss how we can help.

Salary & Compensation Benchmarking

Establishing market rate for key positions within your organization is essential for a variety of reasons.

Salary and compensation benchmarking provides the information leaders need to define the costs associated with salaries and other compensation components such as profit sharing or bonuses. It also enables companies to ensure that their compensation and benefits are competitive with the external market.

External Talent Benchmarking

To improve performance, an organisation needs to have a good understanding of what its talent population looks like, and how it stacks up in comparison to the competition.

Penta can provide role specific external talent benchmarking that will enable you to gather the information and data points that you need to in order to do just that. This service can be customised to the specific skill set, geographical location and industry sectors from which you are looking to benchmark and then presented back to the business in a format of your choosing, therefore enabling an informed decision making process.

Employer Perception Surveys

Perception surveys are most often used when trying to find out what people understand or feel about their situation or environment.

Employer perception surveys are used to assess needs, answer questions, solve problems, establish baselines, analyze trends and select goals. Surveys reveal what exists, in what amount, and in what context. The two main reasons why companies conduct surveys are to get feedback on past/current performance and/or to obtain information for future direction. Penta can customize, design and execute an employer perception survey that can be targeted at an audience of your choosing.

Talent Pooling & Pipelining

Being able to predict and prepare for an upcoming talent shortage/demand is key to effective talent management.

Talent pipelining enables us to put our clients in the driving seat for future hiring needs, large scale hiring projects and known skill shortages. Once the target profile has been identified, prospective candidates can be vetted against specific positions or simply to ensure they are the right calibre of individual, coming out of the desired educational institutions, industry sectors and geographical locations. We can also ensure targeted employer branded information is shared with them, further engaging the candidate and ensuring that your business is top of mind when considering a career move.