Aerospace & Defense (A&D) is a sector influenced by many factors. Whether that be government spending, economic cycles and pricing pressures from customers, commercial aircraft and defense contract manufacturers are continually looking for ways to reduce the cost of inventory and increase responsiveness. As a result, many A&D companies have optimized specific functions within the supply chain, moving from vertical integration to a component assembly model. This requires a different kind of manufacturing and a different set of supply chain capabilities, the most important being supply chain visibility and collaboration, which allows all members of the supply chain to optimize operations.

Our A&D team work with clients to provide access to the best talent possible to ensure best practices in supply chain management and lean manufacturing.

Our Aerospace & Defense practice operates across the following market sectors:

  • Aircraft Systems & Components
  • Aircraft Structures, Metal Fabrication
  • Aircraft Engines/Fixed & Rotary Wing
  • Landing Gear/Brakes & Assemblies
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
  • Avionics, Electronic Controls & Display Systems
  • Defence & Security Systems (ECCM, EW)
  • Space & Satellite (GIS/GPS)